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A foundation of genuine care
Medstar was founded in 1990 and has worked in partnership with NHS and Social Services in London boroughs and the South East. We have been providing long and short-term support to some of the most vulnerable individuals in London and surrounding counties. Every new service user’s experience is one we want to be as familiar to them in comfort as each one of our established service users’ experiences are to be new, fresh and engaging. Each service we acquire, and run is built upon the local community’s values. We respect these values as they are essential in the integration of our service users in the community they choose to stay.

Service users: the core of our services
Our service users are part of our family and are the heart and soul of Medstar. This is mainly through:
• Choice of where they would like to live, who they want to support them and how they want to be supported.
• Empowerment: Rights of service users are respected and highlighted. We work alongside service user led organisations to further individual rights.
• Engagement: We provide volunteering opportunities for our service users and carers. This may be inhouse and through local voluntary organisations.

The Directors
Our directors have been creating meaningful and effective management strategies over the years through sound financial and business acumen.
They are responsible for identifying areas that need change and overseeing the organisational function. They maintain very close links with our services and their families. The directors have been successful in maintaining growth of the organisation year on year through acquisition of new businesses, partnership working on a regional level, and the retention of key staff.

Our Head of Operations leads a strong management team. Support for staff and core services comes in the form of Service Managers, Registered Managers and Team Leaders. Most of the management have come through the ranks of Medstar from our pool of support workers, which is a testament to the career opportunities offered by the organisation.
Our management team is guided by our corporate vision to see that every vulnerable individual feel safe and has a life that is as comfortable and satisfying as possible. This involves continuous personal development, professional work ethic and support for our staff.

For any organisation to thrive, it must have a dedicated and motivated workforce. Medstar is proud to have one of the lowest staff turnovers in the field. We do not employ agency support staff, and instead choose to invest in permanent staff. We understand there is life outside of work so we offer flexible working patterns for our staff which for some may be a couple of hours a week, a day or two, or full time working week.
We only employ staff that are professional, empathic, care for the needs of service users and have clearance through the DBS. Our competitive rates for paying staff ensure the remuneration of good work done. We offer support through supervision and training. Medstar is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes all individuals from all walks of life regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual preference or religious beliefs.

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