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Helping you get through each day

We are here when support is needed. We take pride in giving you nothing but our best.




Day services designed with you in mind

We can help you to:
build confidence in travelling: we offer travel training and support to and from activities for those individuals that require greater support
get involved in social activities: Our team can support you in activities of your choice or can suggest from a large database of locally available activities
access professional services: our team will support you to make and attend appointments which may include G.P, psychiatrists, psychologists, Community mental health teams and nutritionists
stay connected: we can help you stay connected with the ones that matter including friends and family as well as building new connections through introduction to local peer support services
• have more control of your home: our team will support you with reading correspondence and paying bills
do what you want to do: whether it is social like going café or religious, or simply staying active by going to the park, our team can cater for your needs
access independent advocacy services: we do understand the importance of having an advocate. At Medstar we ensure every service user can access impartial local independent advocacy

Personalised support

We recognise that people are different and have varying needs. We therefore, ensure that:
• we respect cultural needs
• we advocate for equal inclusion regardless of disability, sexuality or religion
• you are at the heart of all decisions. All decisions are made for your best interests
• You are informed and consulted of any changes in the service
• Person-centred to us means greater control for you
• We are flexible enough to adjust support according to your needs
• We provide the right level of support, whether it is 1:1, 2:1,3:1 or a combination of these when you best need the support

Working to improve your service

We work alongside local providers, funders and individuals in ensuring the best possible form of support for every individual we support. We are committed to researching and trialling new and innovative ways to support service users. This includes looking at evidence-based policy and research and incorporating this with service user and staff suggestions, for example looking at developing an individualised package which includes the Five Ways to Wellbeing:

Be active.
Take notice.
Keep learning.
Give. .

We offer support through the day, including community access to enable individuals to take part in individual social activities or group based social activities .

Support that is truly tailored for you.