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Our Services

Medstar has an expanding portfolio and reputation as a provider of high quality services for the most vulnerable individuals in our society. We aim to meet their needs through providing a range of services which include residential care, supported living, day care and outreach services and providing respite for carers and service users.

We aim to provide a service offer which respects the dignity, privacy and cultural needs of every individual who uses our services.
Our support staff work with individuals and their close support structures, which may include family, friends, social workers and GPs using a person-centred approach and addressing each individual need as sensitively and appropriately as possible.

To ensure the best possible quality of life for all our service users, we have robust quality and performance management systems which evaluate and improve on staff performance and service provision. We take safeguarding seriously to prevent neglect and abuse of the vulnerable individuals in our care.
To that end, all our services are guaranteed to protecting staff and service users from abuse and avoidable harm whilst improving quality of life based on the best available evidence. Our staff are compassionate, kind and offer dignity and respect to service users. Your needs are our priority, therefore we have designed services with all your needs in mind:

Supported Living
Residential Services
Outreach and Day Care Services